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Shilling believes technology is daily changing the World.

Therefore, its investment focus is mostly based in companies in high growth markets, capable of achieve globalization and developing products or services with digital presence. However, even most important than the sector is the idea and the team developing it.

Below you can find what we are looking for:


  1. Idea is the beginning! Of course you need to have a great one, but it is critical to be balanced. Be optimistic but keep your feet on the ground.
  2. Team is the key for success! Diversity, dedication, creativity and, above all, persistence, is what we believe you’ll need!
  3. Market driven not product driven. Find a large problem, create a product that solves that problem and you will have a big market. And, don’t forget, being Global is a major plus!
  4. And how are you going to make money? You need to create value for your company to be valuable.